angiospermous tree

angiospermous tree
any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
Syn: ↑flowering tree
Hypernyms: ↑tree
ilang-ilang, ↑ylang-ylang, ↑Cananga odorata, ↑katsura tree, ↑Cercidiphyllum japonicum, ↑laurel, ↑magnolia, ↑manglietia, ↑genus Manglietia, ↑tulip tree, ↑tulip poplar, ↑yellow poplar, ↑canary whitewood, ↑Liriodendron tulipifera, ↑bocconia, ↑tree celandine, ↑Bocconia frutescens, ↑cream-of-tartar tree, ↑sour gourd, ↑Adansonia gregorii, ↑baobab, ↑monkey-bread tree, ↑Adansonia digitata, ↑kapok, ↑ceiba tree, ↑silk-cotton tree, ↑white silk-cotton tree, ↑Bombay ceiba, ↑God tree, ↑Ceiba pentandra, ↑balsa, ↑Ochroma lagopus, ↑sterculia, ↑red beech, ↑brown oak, ↑booyong, ↑crow's foot, ↑stave wood, ↑silky elm, ↑Heritiera trifoliolata, ↑Terrietia trifoliolata, ↑looking glass tree, ↑Heritiera macrophylla, ↑looking-glass plant, ↑Heritiera littoralis, ↑cacao, ↑cacao tree, ↑chocolate tree, ↑Theobroma cacao, ↑rewa-rewa, ↑New Zealand honeysuckle, ↑sorrel tree, ↑sourwood, ↑titi, ↑Oxydendrum arboreum, ↑iron tree, ↑iron-tree, ↑ironwood, ↑ironwood tree, ↑bush willow, ↑Combretum appiculatum, ↑Combretum erythrophyllum, ↑Queen's crape myrtle, ↑pride-of-India, ↑Lagerstroemia speciosa, ↑myrtaceous tree, ↑myrtle, ↑mangrove, ↑Rhizophora mangle, ↑dillenia, ↑gamboge tree, ↑Garcinia hanburyi, ↑Garcinia cambogia, ↑Garcinia gummi-gutta, ↑Pipturus albidus, ↑paper mulberry, ↑Broussonetia papyrifera, ↑trumpetwood, ↑trumpet-wood, ↑trumpet tree, ↑snake wood, ↑imbauba, ↑Cecropia peltata, ↑mountain ebony, ↑orchid tree, ↑Bauhinia variegata, ↑royal poinciana, ↑flamboyant, ↑flame tree, ↑peacock flower, ↑Delonix regia, ↑Poinciana regia, ↑Judas tree, ↑love tree, ↑Circis siliquastrum, ↑redbud, ↑Cercis canadensis, ↑cherry laurel, ↑laurel cherry, ↑mock orange, ↑wild orange, ↑Prunus caroliniana, ↑fruit tree, ↑mountain ash, ↑ailanthus, ↑palo santo, ↑Bulnesia sarmienti, ↑lignum vitae, ↑Guaiacum officinale, ↑bastard lignum vitae, ↑Guaiacum sanctum, ↑poplar, ↑poplar tree, ↑buckwheat tree, ↑Cliftonia monophylla, ↑maple, ↑holly, ↑terebinth, ↑Pistacia terebinthus, ↑horse chestnut, ↑buckeye, ↑Aesculus hippocastanum, ↑satinleaf, ↑satin leaf, ↑caimitillo, ↑damson plum, ↑Chrysophyllum oliviforme, ↑silver bell, ↑Spanish elm, ↑Equador laurel, ↑salmwood, ↑cypre, ↑princewood, ↑Cordia alliodora, ↑physic nut, ↑Jatropha curcus, ↑Para rubber tree, ↑caoutchouc tree, ↑Hevea brasiliensis, ↑candlenut, ↑varnish tree, ↑Aleurites moluccana, ↑tung tree, ↑tung, ↑tung-oil tree, ↑Aleurites fordii, ↑dogwood, ↑dogwood tree, ↑cornel, ↑nut tree, ↑spice tree

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